A Slice of Life

Hello there!

Welcome to Belle’s Paradise, a blog I started to share a slice of my life.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 9.49.31 PM
A photo I took in the beautiful scenic flower fields of Geneva, Switzerland (my idea of paradise!)

My name is Isabelle but growing up, Belle has been a nickname of my family and friends. As you can guess, I named this blog “Belle’s Paradise”.

I must admit, my life is far from a paradise but hey, we gotta make the best of our blessed lives, right?

Writing has always been a passion of mine; from short stories to plays. Food is another of my interests- I absolutely love baking and healthy but delicious food (Who doesn’t?) Hence, this lifestyle blog was born.

Although I am extremely apprehensive of how this blog will turn out, it’s worth a shot to share pieces (or slices) of my life to the Internet. I feel like one day, when I grow old and have my own family, I will look back at this blog as medium of creative expression. I want it to be realistic, a platform where I can share my joyous, exciting and honest opinions about life, beauty, food, health, travels and most importantly, spirituality.

So, come on and join me in my journey as I stumble through my not-so-perfect life as I learn, laugh and cry through both happy and sad days. May it be a wondrous yet magical journey!


xxx Belle

Chocolates and tea? How to treat yourself (healthily)

Hello there!

Time is flying by extremely quickly and in the blink of an eye, Christmas is approaching!

Now, Christmas is a festive season which so many people get excited about. Think: mince pies, christmas cakes and… most importantly, the chocolates we eat during this period.
I absolutely love chocolate. Well, mint dark chocolate is my favourite to be exact but do share with me your favourite type of chocolate in the comments ( I know there are white chocolate lovers too but being someone who suffers from lactose intolerance, I do love a good alternative to white chocolate- rice milk chocolate… mmmm).

During this festive holidays, I’m sure you will be looking forward to enjoying all the lovely delicacies and sweet treats with your friends and family. At the same time, you can’t help but feel a little twinge of guilt when you enjoy a treat? Well, it always happens to me and while I do not regret treating myself, I feel that there are so many ways to treat yourself healthily.

This week, I decided to take an afternoon to relax, treat myself and enjoy some quiet time with God. Being an avid snacker and chocolate lover, I was excited to try my first ever Booja-Booja chocolate box I purchased from the UK (can’t believe I waited this long to try it but it’s so extremely hard to find it in Singapore). The flavour I tried was the hazelnut chocolate truffles and trust me, it was literally the smoothest, most velvety truffle I have tried. Honestly, in Asia, it’s just so hard to find good dairy free chocolate and when I tried Booja-booja, I have to admit one can hardly tell it was made of organic ingredients, dairy-free and vegan.


Well, since it was definitely a treat day, I had to try another snack I have been dying to try for ages- Livia’s Kitchen Biccy Boms. I bought two different flavours to test out: Salted Maca Caramel and Chocolates (who ever has enough of chocolate right?). Turns out, both were so equally delicious but I have to say Salted Maca Caramel was my ultimate favourite. Made with a crumbly coating, a not overly sweet date paste centre and a thin layer of cacao coating, this treat was both healthy and delicious! Looking at the ingredients list, I was shocked to find only 9 natural, healthy ingredients but yet, the taste was similar to a bite-sized caramel slice. I think I’m definitely getting addicted to it and it will definitely serve me well when I crave something sweet for dessert. Fingers crossed, this product will also launch in Asia as for now, it’s only selling in local supermarkets around UK.

All this talk about chocolate is making me feel like baking something chocolatey (Hint: Recipe blog post coming soon!).


Well, to balance all that chocolate goodness out, I went for a cup of tea (Clean N’ Green from TeaPigs) in my “Everything is Possible” mug. Another of my firsts, this tea was a beautiful blend of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and dandelion leaves. Chockful of antioxidants, the tea left me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and definitely served as a palate cleanser.

Today’s tea and treat session was truly calming. It helped me to energise myself for the weekend and while having a treat, I did some daily devotions. Now, inspired by the quote from my mug, I decided to share this verse: “With God, everything is possible.” – Matthew 19:26. Recently, I have felt so anxious and worried about a lot of things going on in my life now. Personally, I have also felt too attached to my phone and social media that I truly needed a time to detach myself, spend some quiet time and seek God’s word (definitely a New Year’s Resolution for me).

Now, if any of you ever need some time alone in between all that Christmas preparations or worldly distractions, trust me, take a breather, have some tea and chocolates and focus on your well-being. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end and you will feel so much more energised, rejuvenated and ready to get on with life.


xxx, Belle